Tough Mudder Perth, a course that not only tests the limits of your body, but also your mind. A course that serves up some of Australia’s most brutally tough terrain. You will be covered in not only mud, but blood, sweat and maybe some tears.

After hearing about the course by a close mate who also photographed the event last year, a group of us decided to take on the challenge for 2014. 

I could not have asked for a better group of brothers to run this hardcore course with. When I think of brotherhood, camaraderie and loyalty, I will always think of these boys first. I can honestly say, with my hand on my heart, that if I had not ran this course with these boys, I would have probably given up about half way through. These boys helped me pushed my body to it’s utmost limits and encouraged me to do obstacles that I would never imagine doing.

What was the obstacle that I was dreading the most? It wasn’t Everest, it wasn’t the Leap of Faith, it wasn’t the Electroshock Therapy…it was the Arctic Enema. Why? The sheer fact that you will be immersing your body into what will literally be a man-made floating iceberg abyss, when both your body and mind has been subjected to torture, and the potential of my body seizing up from the massive drop in temperature.

Originally me and a fellow Mudder were not going to do it, but when we got there, we were just like “Fuck it, let’s do it!” and so we did. We got in, got under, got over and then out. No hesitation, no thinking, no regrets.

And that was one of the big things that I will take away from doing Tough Mudder. Not the fact that I went in this course with my brothers as a team, not the fact that we had completed one of the toughest obstacle courses, but the fact that no matter if you went in by yourself, or with a team, you helped the Mudder in front of you, the back of you, on your left and your right. When someone was thinking about doing an obstacle, you cheer them on, give them that determination, let them know that everyone in the entire course has their back. 

Race, gender, religion, no, that shit does not exist in Muddernation, that shit goes out the door even before you get to the starting line. It’s all about camaraderie and if you think your better then everyone else on that course and just push through without saying a word to another Mudder, then you don’t deserve your colours.

I am proud of Whiskey Tango Foxtrot and what we have accomplished together. 2015, we will hit the course harder and faster. 


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2 weeks to go till #usa vs #canada hits #pertharena for the #2014 International #icehockey presented by the Douglas Webber Group.

#hurryup #2weekstogo #stoked #excited #internationalicehockey #nhl #rivals #canadavsusa #usavscanada

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One for a cold night
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Jun 8
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Jun 7
"New" #rubber for the #300c. Havent ran on #perelli #tyres in a while.

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"New" #rubber for the #300c. Havent ran on #perelli #tyres in a while.

#300fam #chrysler300 #tyre #tire #wheels #18s

Welcome to the world Mr Riley W, Pate

Yesterday, on the 26th of May, 2014 at 2:42pm, my soon-to-be sister-in-law and her husband welcomed the arrival of their first child, a son. 

Weighing in at 8lb 2oz and measuring at 52cms long, Riley William Pate was introduced into a world full of love, happiness and the true meaning of family. 

I could not imagine any more two deserving people such as Samantha and Andrew to have brought new life into this world. You are a lucky child to have parents as loving and caring as these two and they are lucky to have such a beautiful baby boy to call their son. 

Your Aunty Jessica and I look forward to many, many years of being a part of your life and I am sure that all of your other aunties and uncles will be to. 

Welcome to the world Mr Riley William Pate.

 - Uncle Jan

Happy Mother’s Day

Thank you for being there when it matter’s most, thank you for guiding me throughout my life and thank you for raising me to be the man that I have become.

Your unconditional love is something that I have always respected and something that I will never take for granted. I know that growing up I wasn’t the easiest child to raise, I did a lot of stupid things growing up, especially during my early teens, but you pushed through with your faith in me and I will always admire you and could not be grateful enough for your confidence in me. 

You sacrificed so much for me and my brother to provide us with a better life, a life of unlimited opportunities, a life for the better.

You are truly an amazing mother and there is no amount of thank you’s that I could say to express my gratitude for what you have done.

Thank you.

May 4

Just a couple of GT5 pics!

23rd February 2014

On Sunday the 23rd of February, 2014, I saw my future sister-in-law get married to her best friend and soulmate.

The day was perfect, the atmosphere was relaxing and it was fun, just like the both them. The day reflected their personalities, both just as happy as one another, and both lost within each others company.

Samantha, I have always considered you as a sister, and could not be any more happier to soon call you my sister officially. I have been lucky enough to have seen you grow over the last 7 years into a beautiful and mature woman. You will be a great mother in the months ahead.image

Andrew, you have been an amazing person, especially when times have hit hard for Sam and the family, you have always made every effort to be there for her, in both the good and the bad. People may say that you are too young to be married, too young to start a family. But you are a person who can provide for your family, provide a roof over family’s head and provide a bond between two people that will last a million years. You will be an awesome father.


I could not think of two better people to join in the union of marriage. Congratulations Mr and Mrs Pate.

To an influential woman

You were a woman who not only touched the hearts of the children you had taught, but the people you had worked with and everyone else along the way.

You were a woman who taught me that no matter what life throws at you, no matter how long the road is and no matter who or what is taken away from you, you push on, you keep fighting.

From day one you made me feel like I was part of the family. To me, everything I had ever read, heard or saw about what a grandmother is, was you. I had always thought of you as a grandmother, and never hesitated to call you Oma.

The teaching profession has lost a truly inspirational and influential educator.

A family has lost beautiful daughter, a wonderful sister, an amazing mother and an even greater grandmother. 

I am sorry that you could not get the opportunity to see your two gorgeous grand-daughters wed and the birth of your first great-grandson but I know you will watch over them all. 

I will miss you Oma.

Feb 6

Throwback Thursday - 6/02/2014

In September of 2009 I had purchased my second Toyota Supra. This time, it was a Series 2 1997 RZ-S dressed in the “Moonstone Grey” and housing the 2JZ-GTE with VVT-i engine.


The Supra had been the car that I had always wanted ever since the first Need for Speed game on PlayStation 1 (right next to the Ferrarri 512 TR), and when I was able to finally own one, I was ecstatic. 


Despite the RZ-S being an automatic with the 4-speed gearbox, it still drove great and shifted much smoother than the car I currently drive. It had the trip-tronic functionality with the ability to shift gears on the steering wheel. 


Going from the 2JZ-GE to the 2JZ-GTE was very noticeable, and when that pedal hit the floor, the sequential twin-turbos did their job as they were made to.

Although no longer having the Supra, I can be happy to say that I have owned not only one, but two Supra’s, and who knows, maybe another in the future…


Lucky 7

January 10th, 2014.

Today marks the 7th year that Jessica and I have been together as a couple. I remember our friendship simply starting off mid-way through our final year in high school by me lending her my phone to call her mum so she could get picked up after school. 

From there it was a series of awkward small-talk which soon headed to text messages and long hours on the phone. After graduation we started hanging out more and more,and longer conversations on the phone (which on several occasions got me into trouble due to giving my parents a large phone bill every now and then!).

Not long after that, we started dating, started getting serious…and met the parents. I had met Jessica’s mum a couple of times before hand after school as I had a few lifts home but that was informally. Jessica’s half Italian, so, when I was about to meet her dad, I had this picture in my head of Al Pacino’s character’s from The Godfather and Scarface combined into one. Luckily for me, that wasn’t the case.

Jessica and I have done so much together, we’ve been various places around Australia, went on a cruise, pretty much visited half of Asia and built our first home. But the one thing that I will be looking forward to the most will be later this year, when I will be able to call her my wife and when we will start to become our own little family with our beautiful baby girl (aka: Baci).

I could not have asked for a better companion, a best friend, and a better soul mate then Jess. May the next 7…no, the next 70 years be even better.

After 2 weeks of weight/lifting training I’m pretty happy with my results. Although there is still a fair way to go for what I want to achieve including some massive lifestyle and dietary changes, I think I’ve done alright over the last couple of weeks personally.Will post up a progress photo/report in the next couple of weeks.

After 2 weeks of weight/lifting training I’m pretty happy with my results. Although there is still a fair way to go for what I want to achieve including some massive lifestyle and dietary changes, I think I’ve done alright over the last couple of weeks personally.

Will post up a progress photo/report in the next couple of weeks.


2007 Chrysler 300c (5.7L HEMI)